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On a Mission to Save and
Protect Your Mobile Phone.

Techys was built for users of smartphones who value time,
convenience and uncompromising quality for their smartphone repair.

Birth of the First Techy

Children and smartphones? Not a great mix. After 5 broken screens, I knew that I would have to take matters into my own hands. I was tired of taking my mobile phone to the repair shop and waiting for days to get it back. Only for the same or new problems arise when I finally did get it back!

Many YouTube videos and tech manuals later, I finally learned to fix my own iPhone. When word got out, my friends and family started bringing me their broken smartphones – confident that I was using quality parts and that their data was safe with me.

Techys was born this way: from the pain of a real customer. Today we’re working hard to bring the convenience of on-demand, on-the spot, reliable mobile device repair to you!

Techys: Your Friendly Neighborhood Geek.

Techys is an on-demand, on-the-spot mobile device repair service that uses certified
technicians and OEM parts to fix customer’s devices at their time and location of choice.

Broken to fixed in less than 1 hr.
Wherever you are.

Get a quote in minutes and pay on the spot – no fix, no pay.

Cracked iphone & samsung galaxy screen

What’s the problem?

Tell us in seconds by clicking
through a short form. We’ll get
back to you with a quote within
30 minutes

Iphone & samsung galaxy phone repair shop

Techy en route

A certified Techy will come
wherever you choose, parts and
professional equipment in tow

Iphone & samsung galaxy phone screen fix

Problem solved!

Your device is fixed on the spot,
with OEM parts, under an hour
and with a one year warranty!